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IAM: Patient adverse reaction information - unique iden

IAM.2250CEO1Allergen Type Code
IAM.3250CER1Allergen Code/Mnemonic/Description
IAM.4250CEO1Allergy Severity Code
IAM.515STO*Allergy Reaction Code
IAM.6250CNER1Allergy Action Code
IAM.780EIR1Allergy Unique Identifier
IAM.860STO1Action Reason
IAM.9250CEO1Sensitivity to Causative Agent Code
IAM.10250CEO1Allergen Group Code/Mnemonic/Description
IAM.118DTO1Onset Date
IAM.1260STO1Onset Date Text
IAM.138TSO1Reported Date/Time
IAM.14250XPNO1Reported By
IAM.15250CEO1Relationship to Patient Code
IAM.16250CEO1Alert Device Code
IAM.17250CEO1Allergy Clinical Status Code
IAM.18250XCNO1Statused by Person
IAM.19250XONO1Statused by Organization
IAM.208TSO1Statused at Date/Time

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