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MSH: Message header segment

MSH.11STR1Field Separator
MSH.24STR1Encoding Characters
MSH.3180HDO1Sending Application
MSH.4180HDO1Sending Facility
MSH.5180HDO1Receiving Application
MSH.6180HDO1Receiving Facility
MSH.726TSO1Date / Time of Message
MSH.97CM_MSGR1Message Type
MSH.1020STR1Message Control ID
MSH.113PTR1Processing ID
MSH.128IDR10104Version ID
MSH.1315NMO1Sequence Number
MSH.14180STO1Continuation Pointer
MSH.152IDO10155Accept Acknowledgement Type
MSH.162IDO10155Application Acknowledgement Type
MSH.172IDO1Country Code
MSH.186IDO10211Character Set
MSH.193CEO1Principal Language of Message

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