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OM1: General - fields that apply to most observations

OM1.14NMO1Sequence Number - Test/ Observation Master File
OM1.2200CER1Producer's Test/Observation ID
OM1.312IDO*0125Permitted Data Types
OM1.41IDR10136Specimen Required
OM1.5200CER1Producer ID
OM1.6200CEO1Observation Description
OM1.7200CEO1Other Test/Observation IDs for the Observation
OM1.8200STR*Other Names
OM1.930STO1Preferred Report Name for the Observation
OM1.108STO1Preferred Short Name or Mnemonic for Observation
OM1.11200STO1Preferred Long Name for the Observation
OM1.1360CEO*Identity of Instrument Used to Perfrom this Study
OM1.14200CEO1Coded Representation of Method
OM1.1660CEO*Observation Producing Department/Section
OM1.1740TNO1Telephone Number of Section
OM1.181IDO10174Nature of Test/Observation
OM1.19200CEO1Report Subheader
OM1.2020STO1Report Display Order
OM1.2126TSO1Date/Time Stamp for any change in Def Attri for Obs
OM1.2226TSO1Effective Date/Time of Change in Test Proc. that make Results Non-Comparable
OM1.2320NMO1Typical Turn-Around Time
OM1.2420NMO1Processing Time
OM1.2540IDO*0168Processing Priority
OM1.265IDO10169Reporting Priority
OM1.27200CEO*Outside Site
OM1.281000ADO1Address of Outside Site
OM1.29400TNO1Phone Number of Outside Site
OM1.301IDO10177Confidentiality Code
OM1.31200CEO1Observations Required to Interpret the Observation
OM1.3265536TXO1Interpretation of Observations
OM1.3365536CEO1Contraindications to Observations
OM1.34200CEO*Reflex Tests/Observations
OM1.3580STO1Rules that Trigger Reflex Testing
OM1.3665536CEO1Fixed Canned Message
OM1.37200TXO1Patient Preparation
OM1.38200CEO1Procedure Medication
OM1.39200TXO1Factors that may Effect the Observation
OM1.4060STO*Test/Observation Performance Schedule
OM1.4165536TXO1Description of Test Methods
OM1.4260CEO1Kind of Quantity Observed
OM1.4360CEO1Point versus Interval
OM1.44200TXO1Challenge information
OM1.45200CEO1Relationship modifier
OM1.46200CEO1Target anatomic site of test
OM1.47200CEO1Modality of imaging measurement

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