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PCR: Possible Causal Relationship

PCR.160CER1Implicated Product
PCR.21ISO10249Generic Product
PCR.330CEO1Product Class
PCR.48CQO1Total Duration Of Therapy
PCR.526TSO1Product Manufacture Date
PCR.626TSO1Product Expiration Date
PCR.726TSO1Product Implantation Date
PCR.826TSO1Product Explantation Date
PCR.98ISO10244Single Use Device
PCR.1060CEO1Indication For Product Use
PCR.118ISO10245Product Problem
PCR.1230STO3Product Serial/Lot Number
PCR.131ISO10246Product Available For Inspection
PCR.148CEO1Product Evaluation Performed
PCR.1560CEO1Product Evaluation Status
PCR.1660CEO1Product Evaluation Results
PCR.178IDO10248Evaluated Product Source
PCR.1826TSO1Date Product Returned To Manufacturer
PCR.191IDO10242Device Operator Qualifications
PCR.208IDO10250Relatedness Assessment
PCR.212IDO60251Action Taken In Response To The Event
PCR.222IDO60232Event Causality Observations
PCR.232IDO30253Indirect Exposure Mechanism

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