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PSH: Product Summary Header

PSH.160STR1Report Type
PSH.260STO1Report Form Identifier
PSH.326TSR1Report Date
PSH.426TSO1Report Interval Start Date
PSH.526TSO1Report Interval End Date
PSH.612CQO1Quantity Manufactured
PSH.712CQO1Quantity Distributed
PSH.81IDO10329Quantity Distributed Method
PSH.9600FTO1Quantity Distributed Comment
PSH.1012CQO1Quantity in Use
PSH.111IDO10329Quantity in Use Method
PSH.12600FTO1Quantity in Use Comment
PSH.132NMO8Number of Product Experience Reports Filed by Facility
PSH.142NMO8Number of Product Experience Reports Filed by Distributor

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