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ADT A06: Change an outpatient to an inpatient

1R1MSH - Message header segment
2R1EVN - Event type
3R1PID - Patient Identification
4O1PD1 - Patient Demographic
5O1MRG - Merge patient information
6O*NK1 - Next of kin
7R1PV1 - Patient visit
8O1PV2 - Patient visit - additional information
9O*DB1 - Disability Segment
10O1DRG - Diagnosis Related Group
11O*OBX - Observation segment
12O*AL1 - Patient Allergy Information
13O*DG1 - Diagnosis
14O1DRG - Diagnosis Related Group
15R1PR1 - Procedures
16O*ROL - Role
17O*GT1 - Guarantor
18R1IN1 - Insurance
19O1IN2 - Insurance additional info
20O1IN3 - Insurance additional info - certification
21O1ACC - Accident
22O1UB1 - UB82 data
23O1UB2 - UB92 data

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