HL7® v2.2 Trigger Event List

1ADT_A01 - Admit a Patient
2ADT_A02 - Transfer a patient
3ADT_A03 - Discharge a patient
4ADT_A04 - Register a Patient
5ADT_A05 - admit a Patient
6ADT_A06 - Transfer an Outpatient to Inpatient
7ADT_A07 - Transfer an Inpatient to Outpatient
8ADT_A08 - Update Patient Information
9ADT_A09 - Patient Departing
10ADT_A10 - Patient Arriving
11ADT_A11 - Cancel Admit
12ADT_A12 - Cancel Transfer
13ADT_A13 - Cancel Discharge
14ADT_A14 - Pending Admit
15ADT_A15 - Pending Transfer
16ADT_A16 - Pending Discharge
17ADT_A17 - Swap Patients
18ADT_A18 - Merge Patient Information
19ADT_A20 - Bed Status Update
20ADT_A21 - A Patient Goes On A "Leave Of Absence"
21ADT_A22 - A Patient Returns From A "Leave Of Absence"
22ADT_A23 - Delete a Patient Record
23ADT_A24 - Link Patient Information
24ADT_A25 - Cancel Pending Discharge
25ADT_A26 - Cancel Pending Transfer
26ADT_A27 - Cancel Pending Admit
27ADT_A28 - Add person information
28ADT_A29 - Delete person information
29ADT_A30 - Merge Patient information
30ADT_A31 - Update person information
31ADT_A32 - Cancel patient arriving
32ADT_A33 - Cancel patient departing
33ADT_A34 - patient ID only
34ADT_A35 - account number only
35ADT_A36 - pat ID and account number
36ADT_A37 - unlink patient information
37BAR_P01 - Add and Update Patient Accounts
38BAR_P02 - Purge Patient Accounts
39DFT_P03 - Post Detail Financial Transactions
40DSR_Q03 - Deferred Response to A Query
41DSR_R03 - oriented results, query/unsol. update
42MFD_M01 - Master files change not otherwise specified (for backwards comp.)
43MFD_M02 - Staff Practitioneer
44MFD_M03 - Test/Observation
45MFN_M01 - Master files change not otherwise specified (for backwards comp.)
46MFN_M02 - Staff Practitioneer
47MFN_M03 - Test/Observation
48MFQ_M01 - Master files change not otherwise specified (for backwards comp.)
49MFQ_M02 - Staff Practitioneer
50MFQ_M03 - Test/Observation
51NMD_N01 - Network Management Data
52NMQ_N02 - Network Management Query
53ORF_R04 - Response to query; transmission of requested observation
54ORM_O01 - Order Message
55ORR_O02 - Response Message
56ORU_R01 - Unsolicited Transmission Of Requested Information
57QRY_A19 - Patient Query
58QRY_P04 - Generate bills and A/R statements
59QRY_Q01 - A Query is made for immediate Display Response
60QRY_Q02 - A Query is Sent for Deferred Response
61QRY_R02 - Query for results of observation
62UDM_Q05 - Unsolicited Display Update Message

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